Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Now I know why chalkboards are passe in classrooms

Chalkboards are out, white boards are in....and I finally figured it out today. I thought it was because of the chalk dust being messy, but it's actually because you can't get high from sniffing chalk. Ahhhhhh, blessed relief from a few whiffs of my Expo marker!!

Many of my kiddos bombed their math vocab test last week. I think this was totally unfounded, but as a gift of grace I offered them the chance to make corrections and turn their quiz back in. The questions were originally 4 pts apiece; properly corrected answers would gain them back 1 point each. So, I'm going through them today and notice that, for one guy, the writing of his revisions (just the letter, since it was matching) didn't match his normal writing and that of the letters on his original answers. I compare letters closely (the Rs, the Bs, the Ms, etc) and nope, they're different. So I asked him:

"Einstein, did anyone help you with your corrections?"

"Yes, my dad."

"Did you write the corrections?"

"No, my dad did."

"Where were you?"

"I was lying on the sofa. He was sitting at the table and I told him what to write."

Need I even attempt to describe the look that I felt come over my face at that point?

Einstein has a twin, also in 7th grade but they're in different classes. In science (I don't have them for science) they have been making PHOTOCOPIES of each other's papers to turn in for notebook checks! When the teacher discovered that today during a notebook check she turned eight shades of aubergine. That just doesn't even make good sense. Especially when on one paper you barely scribble through your brother's name and write yours above it....and the other one, well, why even bother scribbling out his name.

Now, back to my Expo markers to deal with the harsh realities of life with 7th graders.