Friday, July 25, 2008

You go, girl...

Last night at dinner, the conversation turned (as it often does) to politics and current events. My 8-year-old daughter can pretty well hold her own in these conversations. She can contribute comments and ask some good questions. I don't remember what she said, but it prompted my husband to ask her, "I told you to never apologize for being three things -- what were they?" Quick as a wink, she named them: "Never apologize for being Christian, Republican, or southern." My heroine. :-)

What was that again?

Apologies in advance: I can't figure out how to download these videos to my hard drive so that I can then upload them and embed them here. You'll have to clicky!!

Do you remember those puzzles you did as a child, where there were two pictures side by side that, at first glance, looked alike? Your job was to look at them carefully to determine the subtle differences between them. I have another one for you, but this time in video form.

The news of Obama's saying that, after months of proven success and gains in Iraq, he STILL would not support the surge is old at this point. I heard the digs on the talk shows about how he muttered and stammered through his response (not really an answer), but I didn't hear the audio clip of the interview itself (with ABC's Terry Moran). When I got home and looked at the video on the ABC site, I thought, well, it's a stupid answer, but it's basically intelligible. Check it out for yourself:

My husband was sitting beside me on the sofa and was eager for me to hear Obama's answer. After it played, he was indignant: "That is NOT the same as what the radio talk shows were playing all day!" We searched and finally found an unedited version on YouTube:

Hmmm. Very different!! Is that merely editing that would normally be done to ready a video clip for the website of a major news corporation, or is it further evidence that the media wants to suck Obama's toes? I have my opinion...